Musicianship Grade 5 Audio Files

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Download Tutorial
Download Aural Test I
Download Aural Test II
Download Aural Test III


Scale Forms Tutorial


6 Practice Scales (x1 Each)


Scale Notes (Intervals) Tutorial


6 Practice Intervals (x1 Each)


Triads Tutorial


4 Practice Triads (x3 Each)


Melody Dictation Tutorial


Melody Dictation Practice 1


Melody Dictation Practice 2


Melody Dictation Practice 3


Cadences Tutorial


3 Cadence Examples (x2 Each)


Time Tutorial


2 Melodies for ‘time’ Practice (x1 Each)


Rhythm Dictation Tutorial


Rhythm Dictation Practice 1


Rhythm Dictation Practice 2


Rhythm Dictation Practice 3


Set Works


Aural Test I


Aural Test II


Aural Test III