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My Best Online Teaching Tip

Like everyone else, I have experienced a very steep learning curve by embracing online teaching. I have developed skills I never thought I’d have: camera use, audio adjustment, screen-sharing – the list goes on! Teachers have been SO generous in sharing their insights, discoveries and expertise with each other that I think I have actually become a bit overwhelmed with all the information.
So this short post is about the ONE thing I have found to be most useful in online teaching.

doom gloom and zoom

Doom, Gloom and Zoom

Me, the week before last: “I DREAD online teaching!” Me, last week: “I HATE online teaching!” Me, this week: “I LOVE online teaching!” Me, all of those weeks: “I’m EXHAUSTED.”

So, it has been rather a roller coaster ride. And every single piano I teacher I know is taking this ride along with me.

The Backstory of BBRR

The Backstory of BBRR

This is the story of how BlitzBooks Rote Repertoire (BBRR) came to be. It is a weird and wonderful confluence of my exposure to three very significant philosophies/methods in the music world: Piano Safari, Taubman and Suzuki, and how I have combined these with three decades of my own teaching experience to create what I […]