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My Best Online Teaching Tip

Like everyone else, I have experienced a very steep learning curve by embracing online teaching. I have developed skills I never thought I’d have: camera use, audio adjustment, screen-sharing – the list goes on! Teachers have been SO generous in sharing their insights, discoveries and expertise with each other that I think I have actually become a bit overwhelmed with all the information.
So this short post is about the ONE thing I have found to be most useful in online teaching.

doom gloom and zoom

Doom, Gloom and Zoom

Me, the week before last: “I DREAD online teaching!” Me, last week: “I HATE online teaching!” Me, this week: “I LOVE online teaching!” Me, all of those weeks: “I’m EXHAUSTED.”

So, it has been rather a roller coaster ride. And every single piano I teacher I know is taking this ride along with me.